VIA – Veterans in Action


Recognising your achievements no matter how small you believe they are. Ask yourself if you could do it a day, a week, or a year ago and if the answer is no then recognise you have moved forward.

“This is the difference between sympathy and empathy”.


Learning offers choice, with choice comes ownership:

“Sameness and difference”


Get involved as much or as little as is right for the individual, for the majority of people, service or otherwise being part of a team is very important.

“Thankfully we are all individual with individual needs and wants”.


As said previously it is estimated that for every veteran suffering there are 10 others associated that could suffer also. We initially work with the veteran and as the veteran improves then this transfers to those around them.

Veterans helping veterans is deep Rapport, the advantage we as veterans have with each other, and only goes so far in VIA‘s opinion AND experience has shown can have negative repercussions. VIA recognises streams of help which fall out of VIA remits.


Experiential Learning is a large part of anyone’s life and on our adventurous activities.

Any challenge is a challenge of someone’s self-confidence and self-esteem on many levels, therefore a substitute is needed, that being passion and intensity, the outdoors medium lends itself to that. Without the rapport we establish at the beginning this would be to say the least difficult to achieve.

We achieve all these with the three stages of the ALIVE Program.

The ALIVE Program has Three Stages and two distinct elements being Centre Based Element and Outdoor Element.

There are no time limits for the individual stages and veterans can join at any time. Veterans can join each stage at different times, as their progress can be affected by their personal situation and circumstances.



Through our own experiences on joining the Forces and how DIFFERENT this was for everyone who has experienced this, VIA developed ALIVE to reflect this with our own insights to how this affects many service personnel.

Pre Forces

Before we join the Forces everything is familiar with us attending school, our parents going to work, life at home, our brothers, sisters, friends…. SAMENESS!

We recognise everything around us as ‘normal’.

Joining the Forces

On joining the Forces everything is DIFFERENT!!!! People shouting at us, getting out of bed at ridiculous times and making our beds, making sure our lockers are just right, or NOT!!!! We learn all sorts of new things like ironing and washing our clothes, for many previously a job done by our parents, learning to become a soldier, sailor or airman/woman.

As early as our first leave 7 weeks after joining the Forces we are somehow DIFFERENT from who we were prior to joining the forces, this becoming the new SAMENESS. In fact everything around us now feels the same and we begin to recognise this as the ‘new normal’.

As early as that first leave when we go home to what we perceived as ‘normal’ before we joined now seems very DIFFERENT and this increases as we go through our careers.

The Forces are very good at changing us from who we were as civilians making us into confident people in many situations. What the Forces are not good at doing is turning that around the other way so that when we leave in many cases we can struggle to fit in.

Our experiences make us DIFFERENT to those around us and although most leaving the services adjust to this in time we are in VIA’s opinion always DIFFERENT.

Post Forces and VIA

VIA work with veterans who may have found the adjustment difficult or may be suffering psychologically due to their service using our unique ALIVE Program.


Much of what we do is similar to what many may have experienced during their service including how we speak with each other as veterans to the challenging events we plan and execute along with the ‘CAN DO’ attitude.