VIA – Veterans in Action

ALIVE Stage 1

Stage 1 ALIVE is where a veteran is first introduced to VIA and its team members, and the initial introduction can be through meeting the teams on their fund raising activities, through family and friends, referrals through other armed forces veteran charities, social networking sites and through the internet. Veterans living close the VIA ALIVE Centre are encouraged to visit the centre and get involved in projects run from there. Those not in the localised area are encouraged with VIA help to get involved in a local organisation in their home town and are invited to take part on VIA events and expeditions.

VIA will work with any veteran without making any judgements on what has happened prior to the initial introduction to VIA.

During Stage 1 of ALIVE a mutual trust and rapport will develop between the VIA Team Members and the veteran. The majority of the VIA Team Members are veterans themselves and have been trained in and have had similar experiences to those individuals helped by VIA. The trust and rapport built during this stage of ALIVE is important to enable the veteran to move forward towards Stage 2 of ALIVE.

This initial stage works on the individual’s personal growth and development through being involved within a team, working alongside other veterans and VIA Team Leaders by participating in projects or short walks in a controlled environment.

This helps individuals rebuild their confidence, which in turn helps to rebuild self-esteem and self-belief.

Much of the work during Stage 1 of ALIVE is to build rapport and trust with the veterans who attend and is done at the VIA ALIVE Centre and on projects within ALIVE. The VIA ALIVE Centre is in a rural location on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border on a private estate which in itself is therapeutic with beautiful landscaped surroundings and wide open spaces.

Short and long distance walks can be taken from the ALIVE Centre in the surrounding area and also on weekend events once a veteran is ready to take this step.

All the steps during Stage 1 of ALIVE lead into doing the more long distance events and expeditions that VIA run in Stage 2 ALIVE.

ALIVE works at the veterans own pace with encouragement to get involved in projects and general involvement around the centre and at all times veterans are encouraged to continue with any on-going therapies that they may be undergoing.