VIA – Veterans in Action

Once a veteran is ready to move forward onto Stage Two, they are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities which can include walking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, Bushcraft and other events that are organised by VIA or the individuals themselves. This essentially provides a platform to build growth and the development of new or using old skills in a therapeutic environment.


The events and expeditions that veterans take part on involve working within a team environment where each veteran can feel part of a team again; many veterans lose this when they have left the armed forces. VIA provide the platform, the emphasis and personal achievement is up to each individual.


In the last 6 years VIA have ran a series of walks called the ‘Union Flag Walks’,  World War 1 – 100 and Walk 4 PTSD covering a distance of 12,600 miles over mainland UK.

These walks are the main stay of Stage 2 ALIVE and is where the most changes are made with veterans immersing themselves on walks that take a minimum 30 days to complete but can range up to 120 days enabling veterans from many different parts of the country to take part.

Veterans cover the distances as part of a team which caters for all fitness levels and the onus is on individuals challenging themselves both physically and mentally and to become part of a TEAM once more, something that many veterans miss on leaving the services.

VIA’s upcoming long distance walk and challenges for 2017 are on our EVENTS PAGE on our website. To participate on our 630 mile long distance walk around the South West Coast Path then click on the image for VIA Adventure Walk

“It is not how far you have travelled that counts, but the personal achievement gained from how far you have travelled!” Billy MacLeod