VIA – Veterans in Action

Stage Three can involve joining VIA’s Fundraising Teams, where each individual has a part to play in their own and in others personal development.

VIA encourages all individuals to play a part in the Fundraising Teams as raising funds will not only fund further training and activities that they themselves can benefit from but also those they work alongside with. Fundraising with VIA is not only about collecting funds. The process has been thought out as a way of individual’s working within a team and social interaction with the public based on empathy and a way of raising confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.


Stage 3 ALIVE is again done mainly at the ALIVE Centre and will involve training courses that continue to build confidence, self-esteem and self-belief and encourage veterans to take lead roles on events and planning of events and expeditions.

Veterans can run projects within the ALIVE Centre after receiving training from VIA Team Members and encouraged to seek help from other organisations on aspects not covered by VIA that can help them with moving forward to a more fulfilled life.

Aerial View of ALIVE Centre
Aerial View of ALIVE Centre

Family members can also get involved at this stage to help the family unit move forward together. Veterans are encouraged to seek a direction that they want to move towards by participation on the projects within ALIVE or towards higher education that can help with employment in the future.


VIA will look to fund accredited and recognised training courses, where, in so many cases the qualifications and training gained through their service career does not have a civilian equivalent.

VIA will look at the possibility of funding the civilian equivalent and if necessary start training at the basic level, the veteran will have qualifications and training courses that can lead to future employment opportunities.

VIA also encourage veterans into Higher Education through further education colleges and universities.

VIA will continually assess the veteran’s progress and development during their participation on ALIVE. VIA will select future Team Leaders, identify where individual training is required, look to fund the training through its fund raising activities and then support the individual by giving them the opportunity to deliver particular aspects of training they enjoy, this training will be used for veterans on the Stage Two of ALIVE.