VIA – Veterans in Action


VIA take a long term and non-clinical approach to veteran’s mental health using the outdoors, challenging events, expeditions and centre based projects to help veterans rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. Over the last 6 years VIA have walked a distance of 12,600 miles across Britain with over 500 veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

VIA have devised their own unique Program called ALIVE (click on links) that takes a holistic view of veterans mental health covering different contributing factors that cause stress and to signpost veterans to organisations who cover aspects not covered by VIA.

VIA provide a safe place for veterans to get involved on expeditions alongside other veterans and at our Hampshire ALIVE Centre where veterans can attend on a daily basis.

VIA run long distance treks all over Britain each year to enable us to reach veterans we cannot reach at our centre. Walking is a huge way of relieving stress and participating on a VIA expedition gives veterans a new found confidence to help them move forward with long term support from the VIA Team.

The ALIVE Program
The ALIVE Program has Three Stages and two distinct elements being Centre Based Element and Outdoor Element.

VIA Expeditions
Details of some of the expeditions organised by the VIA.

Veterans Toast
The Veterans Toast© is a poem that was written by Avril Young from Dundee after a small brief given to her by Billy MacLeod the founder of VIA.