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PTSD Awareness Month - Day 10

PTSD Awareness Month – Day 5 to 9

Covering Day 5 to Day 9 of PTSD Awareness Month – raising awareness of PTSD.

Day 5
What are the symptoms of PTSD?

Day 6
What does PTSD feel like?

Day 7
Treatments that can help

Day 8
Evidence-based” Treatment: What Does It Mean?

Day 9
Relationships and PTSD – How does trauma affect relationships?

VIA are now running an Appeal called ‘Pledge a Pound – Save a Life‘ with the idea of getting many people to donate a little as opposed to a few donating a lot. This way we spread Awareness. VIA will also be sending out PTSD Awareness pin badges and PTSD Awareness Wristbands that are made by the veterans we help.

Again the idea is that we ask people to contact us and to ask for a minimum of 10 badges or bands and they sell them in their local area, this way the word spreads far wider than we could possibly do ourselves so we need as many people to contact us as possible.

Please contact Duncan Crockett, to order. Of course we can send them in smaller numbers as well but prices need to be a little higher due to cost of items and postage.

It can’t be simpler than that to make a difference.

So what can you do?

If you are part of a club, team or work force get them involved, do something to make a difference to a veteran who suffers.
If you are a school teacher or headmaster then ask if the school can have a non-uniform day.

There are 1,000’s of ways you can make a difference, make October special and support VIA’s initiative to have the first PTSD Awareness Month.

To all those who have served or have been affected by a family member who has served we all know someone who suffers this our chance to help for not much effort it is far easier than throwing ice cold water over our heads, all we have to do is stand tall, wear a badge and be PTSD AWARE!!!!