VIA – Veterans in Action

Veterans Expeditions Overland route will leave the VIA ALIVE Centre on the 31st of August where the team will first drive into London to the Masonic Grand Lodge as the Masonic Charitable Foundation were the largest contributor to the project. The Team will then leave London and dive a short distance to Ashford, Kent for an overnight camp before setting off early on the 01st of September.

The Team will then cross to France by ferry from Dover to Calais and a short distance through France an on to Iepres, Belgium where the team will visit historical battlefield sites and attend the nightly ‘Last Post’ at the Menin Gate. From there the route through Belgium will be through the Ardennes and the area of the Battle of the Bulge during WW2 and on to Bastogne which was depicted in the mini series ‘Band of Brothers‘, which is very apt for this expedition.

The team will then cross the border for a short journey through Luxembourg and on into Germany where we will head south towards the Austrian border where we will follow the Alpine Way through Bavaria and on to Berchtesgaden the location of Hitler’s Berghof.

From the Berghof we will cross the border into Austria and on to Villach close to the Slovenian border. We will then cross into Slovenia and through the Slovenian Alps where and on to cross the border into Croatia. This for the team is where we hope to get off road as much as possible and visit some of the locations British Troops were during the Balkans War before crossing the border into Bosnia Herzegovina.

Once in Bosnia the team will visit many locations from the Balkans War before crossing back into Croatia and visiting Dubrovnik before crossing the border into Montenegro for more off road driving. We will then cross into Albania and head north towards the Albanian Alps where there are many off road routes and on into Greece where we will travel through gorges and as far as we can drive up Mount Olympus as we can.

From there we will visit historical sites through Greece and on to Marathon where the first PTSD like symptoms were recorded and on to Athens.

The return journey will leave Athens and on to Patras where we will board a ferry to Brindisi, Italy where we will drive to the Amalfi Coast and on up to Rome then through the spins of Italy to cross the Alps into Switzerland. The route will then take us through the Swiss Alps and on to cross the border into France where we will loosely follow the WW1 frontline and on towards Normandy to visit the WW2 D Day landings before heading for Cherbourg for our last ferry trip back to the UK and the finish at the VIA ALIVE Centre.

For those taking part this expedition of 7,000 miles passing through 14 different countries will be life changing and will give them direction and skills for the future.

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Bosnia Herz